Breathe-1:4:2 for Windows version 1.2 (Latest Version)

This program is a visual and audio aid to guide you during your breathing exercise. It is based on the breathing exercise described in ancient Eastern and Oriental practices. In this breathing exercise, you are to inhale for one count, hold your breath for four counts and then exhale for two counts. For example, if you inhale for 4 seconds, you hold your breath for 16 seconds and then exhale for 8 seconds.

How to use Breathe-1:4:2?

    1. To set the "inhale" number of seconds, set the Sec. up-down control value to your desired value. The minimum Sec. value is 1 and the maximum is 32.
    2. To set the number of repetitions, set the Rep. up-down control value to your desired value. The minimum repetition value is 1 and the maximum is 12.
    3. Get ready to begin the breathing exercise, then click the Start button.
    4. To cancel and restore all to default values, click the Reset button. Just below the Reset button is an edit box that shows the number of completed repetitions.

    1. This program was built completely in assembly language.
    2. In the trial version, all the functions are available but every time you run and exit the program there will be a reminder dialog. In the full version, there is no reminder dialog.
    3. You can customize the sounds to be played marking the beginning of each phase of breathing. Just copy your own wav files into the installation folder and rename them as 1.wav, 4.wav and 2.wav, each to be used as markers for the beginning of each breathing phase.

Breathe-1:4:2 version 1.2 is small, fast and easy to use. For a limited time only, 10 U.S. dollars (Regular price was 20 U.S. dollars)

Breathe-1:4:2 version 1.2 Screenshot

(sample screenshot actual program size.)

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