GratitudeJournal for Windows version 1.1 (Latest Version)

"Gratitude and Appreciation are some of the most transformative energies that are available to us. The Universe acts much like a giant photocopier - bringing you more and more of what you already claim to have. Gratitude is becoming consciously aware of all that is there for us in life, and then acknowledging the gift. Gratitude releases a dynamic current of energy flow of the highest vibrations into the universe, which magically returns to you in physical form, more of what you are grateful for." --

GratitudeJournal is a database program that you can use to record your daily expressions of gratitude. To protect your privacy, this program has two levels of protection. First, access to the program is password protected and, second, the gratitude journal entry stored in the program's database file is encrypted.

Use GratitudeJournal version 1.1 to record your expressions of gratitude. It is small, fast and easy to use. For a limited time only, 10 U.S. dollars (Regular price was 20 U.S. dollars)

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