MyIdeasJournal for Windows version 1.1 (Latest Version)

"Have you ever gotten a really great idea - one that you knew would solve a problem, but when you went to apply it, you couldn't remember the idea? I've found that people collect just about anything from McDonald's Happy Meal toys to rare coins to cars. Ebay was founded because the creator wanted to make it easier to buy and sell collectable Pez dispensers. While I collect tractors, both life size antique tractors and toys, I also collect something much more applicable to my personal and professional growth. I collect ideas. Ideas are the lifeblood of improvement in any area of our life. But we can't always implement the ideas we get the minute we get them - and sometimes these strokes of genius get misplaced or lost in our minds." -- Kevin Eikenberry.

MyIdeasJournal is a database program that you can use to capture any ideas. To protect your privacy, this program has two levels of protection. First, access to the program is password protected and, second, the idea journal entry stored in the program's database file is encrypted.

Use MyIdeasJournal version 1.1 to capture any ideas. It is small, fast and easy to use. For a limited time only, 10 U.S. dollars (Regular price was 20 U.S. dollars)

MyIdeasJournal version 1.1 Screenshot

(sample screenshot actual size 320 by 240. This is the program's main window which shows a brainstorming prompt.)

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