PaceNCount for Windows version 1.1 (Latest Version)

PaceNCount is a program that helps to pace and count physical exercise moves. The count is displayed in large font on a window that is maximized to the screen so that it is clearly visible from a distance. You can set the pace timing interval, the maximum number of paces and pacing start delay time to enable you to get into position.
To ensure that the counter display is uninterrupted, the program automatically detects whether the screen saver is active and if so, it temporarily switches it off while the program is running. When it is running, it also automatically disables the computer's power sleep save/off mode.
The user can customize the timer display by selecting a font type, style and size. Additionally, the user is able to change the text color and display background color.
The user can control the program using three push buttons: Start, Pause, and Stop.

PaceNCount version 1.1 is small, fast and easy to use. For a limited time only, 10 U.S. dollars (Regular price was 20 U.S. dollars)

PaceNCount 1.1 Screenshot

(sample screenshot reduced size. This is the program's main window. Click on image to view large screenshot.)

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