SpeedTextPad for Windows version 1.1 (Latest Version)

SpeedTextPad is a specialized text editor designed specifically for free- writing.
With SpeedTextPad, the writer can perform free-writing effectively.

Free-writing means that you, the writer:

    1. write continuously or non-stop for a pre-determined period of time, e.g. 10 minutes;
    2. must not edit what you have written during that time period;
    3. keep writing even if you have run out of ideas, just write whatever that comes into your mind; and
    4. must not re-read or judge what you have written while you are still writing.

SpeedTextPad helps because:
    1. When SpeedTextPad is running, you can always see it on the desktop and it won't be hidden below other windows. It is an "Always on Top" window.
    2. You can resize the window and reposition it anywhere on the desktop and it will remember this size and position. It automatically saves the window size and position every time you exit the program and when you run it again, it sets the window's size and position which was saved in a previous writing session.
    3. You can set the "ink" to be invisible so that you won't get distracted by re-reading what has been written or stop the speed writing session to edit whats already written. This "invisible ink" setting can be easily turned on and turned off during speed writing.
    4. There is a built-in timer you can use to set speed writing sessions time period. You, the writer can set the time from one minutes upwards and the program will remember this setting until you choose to change it. When the speed writing session expires, the program will play a wave file and display a message box. You can easily substitute the wave file with any of your own favorites.
    5. The font type and size used is Courier 10 points.

SpeedTextPad is a portable application. This means that you can put it in your USB drive and run it directly from the USB drive. This is because SpeedTextPad does not use the Windows Registry at all. The default installation folder is "Program Files\SpeedTextPad". To make SpeedTextPad portable, you only need to copy the "SpeedTextPad" folder with all its contents to your USB drive.

SpeedTextPad version 1.1 is small, fast and easy to use. For a limited time only, 10 U.S. dollars (Regular price was 20 U.S. dollars)

SpeedTextPad 1.1 Screenshot

(sample screenshot reduced size. This is the program's main window.)

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